NanoStudio pricing announced

Blipinteractive have announced pricing for the NanoStudio app:

NanoStudio’s price has now been decided: UK – £11.99 Europe – 15.99 Euro USA – $19.99 Australia – $23.99 Japan – 2300 YEN

From what I know of the app so far (and I’m in regular contact with the developer) this is going to be worth every penny.


  1. Totally fair price, especially if it becomes a universal app. I'm buying this the moment it appears in the app store.


  2. Yay!

    Please, make it useful and not another iphone toy:

    Imprting own samples – easy exporting creations !


  3. $10-$15 is my sweet spot for apps, I'll also be waiting for the discount. I've been burned on too many high priced apps that dropped price soon after release or just flat out sucked…


  4. If it works as advertised it looks like you're going to get a lot of functionality for the price of taking lunch in the pub.

    I suppose those wanting to restrain their App Store expenditure may wish to wait and see what Intua and Amidio come up with later in the year.

    Or use the reduced-price Beatmaker with 2 or 3 additional synth/instrument apps via copy/paste….


  5. i wish i had the patience to wait one month for an app i am majorly excited about to go down just 5-10 dollars in price. That's something (work it out, around 10-30 cents per day). It also shows incredible thrift!


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