Xewton update coming soon

The pitch bend and filter look great in the next version of Xewton Music Studio. Looking forward to trying those out.



  1. i like this program a lot, if it only had better sounds it would be a fantastic sketch pad.

  2. I don't think the programmers of Xewton really get it, do they? I might be wrong, but it sounds like the filter, filters everything? What's the point in that? My money is on NanoStudio 🙂

  3. the6thduke: you're wrong regarding the fx. All of your tracks get routed into 1 of 3 channels (you control which track is routed to which channel):

    Channel 1 — FX –> Global FX–DAC
    Channel 2 ————^ ^
    Channel 3————————|

    Channel 1 is the “FX” channel, channel 2 is the “default” channel, and Channel 3 is the “No FX Channel.

    It's not as nice as having one insert per channel, but it is an interesting set of constraints and you can get some nice textures if you make clever use of the routing. I would prefer to have at least one more FX channel. Parameter automation would be nice as well … hopefully someday we'll see that.

    But the developers aren't stupid. Actually as a sequencer, the interface is quite ingenious and kills just about every other sequencer at the moment (off grid recording/sequencing, efficient note programming/editing). I can even get some glitch stuff going with enough anal programming or some gridlock/bitcrush-esque shoegaze textures with judicious use of the fx bus.

    However, I agree with Brett that the wonderful interface is, unfortunately, limited by the cheap general-midi-esque samples. Maybe audiopaste sample import or some kind of synthesis engine will someday improve this state of affairs…

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