Why change the pins?

Anyone know why Apple have decided to change the pin outs from the 3G and 3GS and 2G and 3G iTouches to the iPad and iPhone 4?

Any real reason why they’ve done this?


  1. I was told that it was to allow multiple pins for data transferring during syncing, allowing for faster syncing to iTunes.


  2. The only reason why Apple did this is sooo obvious: to make more money… and more and more and more and… you know how it will continue ^.^


  3. Changing the pins might make products like the Akai Synthstation a compatibility nightmare. There's the potential that some phones will work, others will not, depending on the pin configuration.



  4. Anybody try the ipad cam kit on the iphone 4 yet?

    How bout the Belkin TuneTalk?

    I see a bunch of geeks got their iphone first and haven't tested the audio in that thing yet.


  5. Sorry if this is a double post, but I can't see my comment from this morning.

    Basically it was just to say that they have quite a lot of iPhone line-in coverage over on the blog at faberacoustical.com

    To summarize, it doesn't look too good at the moment re using current iPhone/iPod audio recording peripherals on iPad/iPhone4…


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