iSequence for iPad 1.5

The iPad version of iSequence was already great. Now it has even more features:

  • Keyboard modes: polyphonic, gliss, solo
  • Sampler with sample mapping, loops and ADSR envelope
  • Sample import and recording
  • Custom banks
  • Pattern break event



  1. Yay, it is getting better, still a bit feature light, but worth the money now I think. Great update, hopefully more to follow 😉

  2. Anyone had any luck putting their own samples into iSequence by wifi? I have been using Filezilla fine with Aurora Sound Studio, but I can't get it to work with iSequence. Filezilla gets as far as saying “Connection established, waiting for welcome message…” and then the connection times out. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I have emailed BeepStreet, hopefully I'll get a reply. TJM

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