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Talking to a wide variety of people is fast leading me to the opinion that I should seriously consider moving off blogger and to a hosted domain. Whilst I think that this is probably a good idea in the long run the amount of work involved is somewhat off putting.

As some of you will have seen I tweeted earlier asking for details of any good UK based web host, and thanks to those who replied for the info. What a minefield!

The big question will be, should I keep the name the same or change it?

Obviously if I do move then it could give me the ability to add long awaited features like a proper forum and directories for apps etc.

I’d really appreciate people’s input on all of the above, and any help or advice you can give would be great too.


  1. A good option might be to consider using Tumblr with your own domain and use Disqus for comment threads. Tumblr's really flexible and easy to use.

    Anyway, as for a name change, something similar, like “Mobile Sounds” or “Mobile Music” would be ok.

  2. This blog site does a great job of sharing info and providing a community. I can't find much to fault, so congratulations. Take it to another level? Is that really necessary?

    You could, perhaps, base your decision in part on your cost and what your goal is. You could probably even turn this into a revenue generator (doable, given palm sounds popularity and success), but you would need a fancier hosted site that brings in advertising income. More work and time and expense and complexity and risk! But more reward!

    Or perhaps you would want to keep it non-commerical, but make it fancier and more feature-rich. Still more work, time, and expense.

    I don't know if this is a part-time hobby and passion for you, or if you want to turn it into something bigger. Just look before you leap.

  3. I would enjoy a proper forum where topics outside of the blog could be discussed. Other than that I don't mind if some ads would be incorporated as long as it's not overboard.
    A domain is not that expensive. Including hosting your damage should not exceed 150$ a year for the blog and a forum. If your bandwidth requirements increase I am sure your google ads income (if you go with google) should cover at least the expenses.

  4. I would agree that a forum would be welcome as discussions are a little bit hard to follow through comments, even if it's easier now with the RSS comments feed but still “unorganized”.

    I think Palm Sounds has the “legitimacy” to have its own domain name, and in a way it would be to the benefit of the whole mobile music community.

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