Early reports on iOS4 and music apps

From the comments on this post it looks like not too much is broken so far with iOS4.

Notable apps that have problems:

bleep!BOX – White Noise Audio Software

bleep!Synth – White Noise Audio Software

ThumbJam – Sonosaurus

Noise.io™ Pro Synth – Amidio Inc.

If you know of others or are having problems with an app please comment it in here or let me know somewhere so I can keep the list up to date.


  1. don't know about this multitasking. audio apps have to still reboot when you switch, meaning with beatmaker, for instance, you have to load your track again, and drill through the menus to where you left off. Isn't multitasking where the apps stay open, where they were?

  2. oh, just watched 'Mashable walkthrough of iOS4 features' video. 'Certain applications allow multitasking, the developer has to allow this'. Boo!

  3. Oh yeah, apple have made multitasking what it is meant to be, bwahahahahaha… Oops… to much sarcasm?

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