Awesome MiniSynth Pro Video

A great video showing miniSynth PRO from Yonac



  1. Man I love MIniSynth, it's pretty awesome. Only thing I wish it had is a way to receive MIDI notes from my desktop DAW. Some sort of WiFI MIDI drivers would be nice.

  2. I'm sorry, but I don't get it. Why is Minisynth Pro so 'awesome'? All this programmer has demonstrated is that this is a standard synth, there's no outstanding features there whatsoever. I downloaded previous versions of this to my iPhone, and was rather disappointed. MorphWiz gets my vote. That is the way forward IMHO.

  3. Yes sure there are no outstanding features, and it doesn't sound as amazing as say NI Massive. But what I like about it is a clean UI and the fact that I can directly touch the controllers.

    I use my iPad in conjunction with my desktop DAW, so I'd like to see some integration, like MIDI over wifi.

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