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Muad’Dib has an iPad (via kurtlrnz)

Had to post this from kurtlrnz. I guess for Muad’Dib it must have been a real piece of retro gear.

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Mashable’s poll on iOS4 v Android FroYo

When I voted the results were very interesting indeed! Take the poll here.

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CDM on Chris Carter’s No MIDI No Keyboard Rig

Whenever I see Chris Carter’s rig it just makes me want to play with all those lovely toys! Interesting thoughts as ever at CDM.

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Looks quite interesting. Via Synthtopia.

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The Daily eBay

Today a PRS Guitarbud on eBay. There’s been lots of comments on the GuitarJack recently so here’s a slightly cheaper option.

Also an SU10 going very cheap at the moment.

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Akai Synthstation review

This is quite a useful video review of the Synthstation showing it running on an iPad. Useful to know that it is synth 1 that is poly and 2 and 3 are mono.


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Your help …

Talking to a wide variety of people is fast leading me to the opinion that I should seriously consider moving off blogger and to a hosted domain. Whilst I think that this is probably a good idea in the long run the amount of work involved is somewhat off putting.

As some of you will have seen I tweeted earlier asking for details of any good UK based web host, and thanks to those who replied for the info. What a minefield!

The big question will be, should I keep the name the same or change it?

Obviously if I do move then it could give me the ability to add long awaited features like a proper forum and directories for apps etc.

I’d really appreciate people’s input on all of the above, and any help or advice you can give would be great too.

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Nice shot of a modified SX-150 from Matrixsynth.

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InstantBeat 1.3 on the way soon

There’s a new version of InstantBeat coming soon from the makers of the excellent TORO mini synthesizer – Instant Binary AB.

This update has the following new features:

  • Armed recording (recording starts when you trigger a pad or starts a pattern)
  • Audio file export through computer web browser
  • Preview of recorded files
  • Full flexibility while recording. Change kits, sessions and patterns. You can even edit your patterns while recording to audio file.


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Korg Summer Mystery Prize Giveaway

Check it out here.

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