Muad’Dib has an iPad (via kurtlrnz)

Had to post this from kurtlrnz. I guess for Muad’Dib it must have been a real piece of retro gear.

Mashable’s poll on iOS4 v Android FroYo

When I voted the results were very interesting indeed! Take the poll here.

CDM on Chris Carter’s No MIDI No Keyboard Rig

Whenever I see Chris Carter’s rig it just makes me want to play with all those lovely toys! Interesting thoughts as ever at CDM.


Looks quite interesting. Via Synthtopia.

The Daily eBay

Today a PRS Guitarbud on eBay. There’s been lots of comments on the GuitarJack recently so here’s a slightly cheaper option.

Also an SU10 going very cheap at the moment.

Akai Synthstation review

This is quite a useful video review of the Synthstation showing it running on an iPad. Useful to know that it is synth 1 that is poly and 2 and 3 are mono.


Your help …

Talking to a wide variety of people is fast leading me to the opinion that I should seriously consider moving off blogger and to a hosted domain. Whilst I think that this is probably a good idea in the long run the amount of work involved is somewhat off putting.

As some of you will have seen I tweeted earlier asking for details of any good UK based web host, and thanks to those who replied for the info. What a minefield!

The big question will be, should I keep the name the same or change it?

Obviously if I do move then it could give me the ability to add long awaited features like a proper forum and directories for apps etc.

I’d really appreciate people’s input on all of the above, and any help or advice you can give would be great too.

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