StudioTrack at Summer NAMM

Interesting little video, but most interesting is that toward the end of the video there’s mention of a new GuitarTrack adapter for the iPad and the iPhone 4.

StudioTrack for iPad (iTunes Link)


  1. First time I've really looked at a prolonged vid of StudioTrack. It looks gorgeous (like most of their apps).

    Anyone know what happened to the Sonoma corporate guy who was defending the GuitarJack price on here a few days ago?

    Don't get me wrong – GuitarJack looks excellent, but I'm just a bit disappointed they weren't able to bring it in at a slightly lower pricepoint, especially considering you'll apparently need to buy the new “StudioJack”(?) for recording on iPad and iPhone4…

  2. Their pricing is a bit insulting, eh? There are more solutions daily to get your audio (mic or guitar) into an iPod or iPhone. You can even make a simple cable. I used info I found on the web, and the resulting cable (which will accept either guitar or mic input) cost me $10 in materials.

    It feels like the pricing on the GuitarJack is inflated given its simplicity. Yeah, it will give you best optimum quality due to its use of the dock pins rather than the headphone/mic jack, but how many of us are planning on recording a release CD on our iThing? A simple mic or guitar in cable plugged into the headphone jack works good enough for capturing ideas or recording basic tunes. You just have to get the signal levels matched.

    Read online, you'll find plenty of low cost solutions. Let the market decide. They'll sell some StudioJacks to folks with extra disposable income who have some cash to burn. But its a marketing red flag when your accessory costs as much as the thing that its accessorizing!

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