iOS4 is here. What works? What doesn’t?

Well, here it is already. Are you upgrading? If you are I’d like to know what you think and how you’re getting on, also what apps are ok and what doesn’t work anymore.

We already know about Bleep!Box but what is facing issues?

Comment in anything you have.


  1. ThumbJam v1.1 does not work in iOS4. However, v1.2 is currently awaiting approval from Apple and not only works but implements backgrounding, both for fast-switching and for background audio playback of loops if they are running.

  2. Jasuto, 8Bitone+ and megaSynth seem fine. JR Hexatone works for the most part, with the occasional crash. Bleep!Synth loads but makes no sound. crashes on load…really wishing Amidio had given a heads up on this as I'd have waited on updating.

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