StudioTrack at Summer NAMM

Interesting little video, but most interesting is that toward the end of the video there’s mention of a new GuitarTrack adapter for the iPad and the iPhone 4.

StudioTrack for iPad (iTunes Link)

Revisiting … Mujik

Some days I decide to play with an app that I’ve ignored for a long time, and yesterday I went back to Mujik, which I still really like as a very immediate way of making music.

It is only fair to say that Mujik is limited in the range of sound it can make, but where it is really useful is it’s ability to let you create something musical very quickly. This is especially useful for people who aren’t used to making music.

I also love Mujik because it is the only musical interface I know of with lightening bugs. If I’m wrong and there’s another then please let me know.

If you’ve not tried it then check out the lite version too called Mujik Classic and try floating away on those balloons.


Gakken SX-150 Polyphonic Jam

Amazing sound from a multitracked Gakken SX-150

Concretedog: Sounds from the breadboard

More interesting DIY sound from Concretedog.

Pixelh8 on VCF

Off topic I know, but I wish I could have been there so it is good to read Pixelh8‘s thoughts on the weekend.

Mashable on new Toshiba Libretto W100

I’ve had a couple of the old Librettos and they were fun, but this looks really impressive. A dual screen notebook with touch screen running windows 7.

Will it make an impact? Whenever people describe things as an ‘iPad Killer‘ that’s when I start to think that they’re not going to be as impressive as you might have thought.

More at Mashable.

iOS4 is here. What works? What doesn’t?

Well, here it is already. Are you upgrading? If you are I’d like to know what you think and how you’re getting on, also what apps are ok and what doesn’t work anymore.

We already know about Bleep!Box but what is facing issues?

Comment in anything you have.

Bleep!Box iOS4 issue

If you were considering updating to iOS4 a bit later and Bleep!Box is important to you (on your iPhone or Touch), then you might want to hold off as there’s an issue with Bleep!Box and iOS4 causing crashes.

More info here.

Shruthi-1 New UI Features

Featured Posts

I thought it might be helpful to have a ‘featured‘ tag for some posts. The general criteria will be for posts that are important or have attracted a lot of attention. Things like the audio sharing post from a while back would be a good example.

If you think that there are any posts that should be featured just let me know and I’ll tag them, or indeed if you think that there are posts that shouldn’t be, then just do likewise.

I hope this’ll be useful as a way to find things in amongst all the news and other stuff that comes up daily.

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