Impressions of Sound Squares

I was playing with this app on the train the other day so I thought I’d write some thoughts about it.

Sound Squares is a universal app and I’ve been using it on both my iPad and iPhone for a little while.
I’ve really got into it for the same reason I like many other noise making apps. However, Sound Squares is more than that. In some ways it makes me thing of Bebot although it has a very different interface to it.
The concept is very simple. The screen is divided into a series of squares with each one being editable to a given pitch and waveform. You have control of a good amount of parameters per square and can set up each one to do what you want. In addition there are a range of effects which work on the output of all the squares.

Mucking around with this in a few spare moments I found it was hugely enjoyable to play with and capable of creating some good noises and effects.

I can imagine using it live, and of course you could set it up to play exactly how you wanted as each square can be edited.
I think it would be really good if you could save your edited set of squares and recall them for different tracks in a performance possibly, but aside from that I think it is really good as it is.
It is one of those app where I’m not sure I would want any kind of record and export function as it is really geared up for just playing, but if you disagree then let me know.
Sound Squares at the app store:
Sound Squares


  1. You can save your edited squares actually. Under options-save. I don't think it saves efx, etc but it does save the square arrangement.


  2. Saving your patch under options->save does save your effects settings as well. I'm with you on not needing record or export functions. This app is really geared towards live performance. But if enough people really want it, I could incorporate it in a future release. Thanks for the review 😉


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