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The Daily eBay

Another very expensive Monotron on eBay today. I don’t think I’m that desperate as yet for one.

Currently Gear4Music has the Monotron up as available from the 28th which isn’t too long to wait now!

Next on eBay is a Roland PMA-5 which turn up every now and then and always seem popular. Not cheap though, so I think I’ll be waiting for the Monotron when it arrives in the UK.

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MusicDraw is currently free

I think I’ve mentioned this app before, it looks a little like Gliss. It is currently free at the app store, so take a look.

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Savio’s iPad Case

What a great idea from Savio.

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Aardvark synth video


aardvark synthesizer from matt ingalls on Vimeo.

aardvark synth for iPhone at the app store:
aardvark synth

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Sonic State Review Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer with iPad

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Use an old video cable to connect your iPhone to a mic

Thanks to dcp for sending in this photo and for suggesting such a simple and straightforward idea. I’m sure I’ve got one of these cables around somewhere …

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RJDJ Netsky ft. Darrison – Escape

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Auteureist on iPhone 4 and iOS4

The developer of Auteureist writes about iPhone 4 and iOS4 and what is coming up for this app together with a brief mention of the iPad version which is what I’m looking forward to.

If you need a writing tool on your iPhone then this is an app worth checking out.

Auteureist at the app store:

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Via Matrixsynth.

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Air video

Air at the app store:

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