Impressions of aardvark synth for iPhone

I’ve been playing around with aardvark synth and really enjoying it.

Sometimes you need to just make strange noises through your headphones on the bus or train, sitting on a park bench enjoying a sunny day. Whatever.

Noise making apps are important. I love apps like Noise Machine, Soundrop, TOPLAPapp and many others. And now aardvark synth fits in with them quite happily.

I can see myself using aardvark synth in my more ‘abstract’ work, but I probably won’t inflict that stuff on you.

Anyway, if making strange sounds is for you then give aardvark synth a try.

aardvark synth for iPhone at the app store:
aardvark synth


  1. Hm… as long as it seems this is only able to produce annoying beeps and squeaks… If someone can assure me the app can provide some nice bass drones it will find it's way on my iPod, otherwise…

  2. I want to like the app more, especially cause it's fun to use with a crossfader, but it's terribly crashy. I've had more crashes with this app than with any other app I've purchased.

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