ZooZbeat still free

Zoozbeat’s app is still free up the 29th of June. Check it out at the app store.

Zoozbeat at the app store:

CDM on iPhone Amp apps

CDM picks up the story on some of the newer amp and effects apps coming to the iPhone and also gives TabToolKit a mention too.

Gakken SX-150 Mods

Via Matrixsynth.

We Love Monotron

I love the second on, the Monodular. Via Matrixsynth.

GuitarJack video

TabToolKit, Apple Design Award Winner (Pictures)

iPad cases and stands

I was going to call this post something like ‘stand up and be protected’, or ‘the case for iPad stands’, but they were just to silly so I didn’t!

Since I got my iPad I’ve been meaning to get a case for it or something to protect it in some way, but so far I haven’t got around to it at all. So I thought I’d share my short list with you and see if anyone has any other suggestions too.

My first choice is a very simple case which has the virtue of being really cheap too.


Next on my list is only slightly more expensive and in some ways not as nice to look at.
TeckNet iPad 10.2

Next is a bit more, but also has a handy stand feature too which could happily replace my stand made out of the iPad’s packaging.

TeckNet iPad Leather Case for Apple iPad, with Stand Feature – Black

So that’s my list so far. All the others I’ve looked at are really variations on a theme. So, any other suggestions? I’m all ears!

Impressions of aardvark synth for iPhone

I’ve been playing around with aardvark synth and really enjoying it.

Sometimes you need to just make strange noises through your headphones on the bus or train, sitting on a park bench enjoying a sunny day. Whatever.

Noise making apps are important. I love apps like Noise Machine, Soundrop, TOPLAPapp and many others. And now aardvark synth fits in with them quite happily.

I can see myself using aardvark synth in my more ‘abstract’ work, but I probably won’t inflict that stuff on you.

Anyway, if making strange sounds is for you then give aardvark synth a try.

aardvark synth for iPhone at the app store:
aardvark synth

chipPad 1.2 with Bit Mode


chipPad 1.2 with Bit Mode from earsmack on Vimeo.

chipPad with Bit Mode via Matrixsynth

chipPad at the app store (iTunes link)

iPhone 4 carrying 512mb of RAM

MacRumors has this story on the new iPhone 4 having a massive 512mb of RAM which is why the new iMovie app only runs on iPhone 4, and multitasking why doesn’t work on the 3G as it only has 128.

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