technoBox Acid for the iPad

When I saw this I thought it was TechnoBox for the iPad, but it isn’t that at all, it is something different entirely. Here’s the app’s description:

Now, in technoBox Acid, you have four gems, giving you ultimate control of the music.

–The first gem controls the beats. You can slide easily from dance beats to break beats, to half time rhythms.
–The second gem controls the bass, with enough depth and punch to rattle your bones.
–The third gem controls lead effects. These are some signature sounds of Acid Techno, mysterious and intense.
–The fourth gem controls effects. These also make Acid Techno what it is. Intriguing, striking sound bites that add a darkness and an energy to the mix.

This version is specifically for the iPad and gives you another row to mix with, putting 20 more tracks in your hands.

TechnoBox Acid is easy to play and master, and has endless combinations. The music is specially designed to sound great no matter what groove you’re going for.

And thanks to the brilliant people of for allowing us to feature their Loop Package called “Kickback Samples: Acid Techno Grooves”. ALL of the loops in this app were selected from this amazing loops package. If you love the loops, go to and buy them for yourself. They are high quality audio files that are easily dropped into your own musical workflow.

Lastly, this is a large download. As we mentioned, DanceMidiSmaples doesn’t skimp on the music quality. These loops are uncompressed, CD quality audio, and you are in complete control of it all!

(A midi-style recording feature is currently in development)

In fact this app reminds me of SurfaceDJ. Remember that one?

technoBox Acid for iPad (iTunes Link)

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