I’ve been playing with Electrify for a couple of weeks now and the more I play with it the more I get into it. Apart from being a very flexible and tweakable groove box it has an interface that I’ve enjoyed getting into a lot and one that is different from many other sequencers in the iPhone / iPad music category.

As I’ve been using Electrify it strikes me more and more that this would be a great app to use live as it is so versatile. The fact that every step in the sequencer has so many editable parameters gives you enormous control over your sound. Sometimes an application that gives you that much control can end up by presenting you with an interface that is over complex but the interface in Electrify is simple and straightforward and required very little time to get up to speed with.

Since the first few iPad music creation apps arrived on the app store we’ve seen a distinct price differential between iPad and iPhone, but Electrify certainly justifies the $14.99 price tag and keeps getting updates too.

If you haven’t seen this app so far then take a look and seriously consider it as I’ve found it not only great fun to play with but also a very useful addition to my iPad’s music apps where it will stay on page 1 for the foreseeable future.

Electrify at the app store (iTunes Link)


  1. Nice to see Electrify getting some love!

    I find the interface excellent and the sound engine is capable of producing a wide range of 'noises' from the large sample library.

    It's easy to produce interesting variations in both rhythm and tone and the combination of long loop length and the clip matrix make it a great improvising tool.

    Looking forward to the next update which according to the website will include custom samples, copy and paste, and pattern bounce!

  2. I like Electrify a lot. It's very easy to set up some deeply modulated beats – having sample start as a parameter for every step is really useful, and the Live-style clip view is excellent.

    I do find it a little glitchy in the sound department when there's a lot going on, but sometimes that adds to the character and as I'm not using it live, I don't mind – you can always get a loop of it safely.

    I'd like the step parameter sliders to be more flexible, so I could sweep a finger along them – it can be a bit frustrating having to set them individually. And BMP locking on the delays would be useful – just have some 'sticky' steps on the X axis that could be toggled off and on. Lastly (I think) I'd love to be able to paste loops straight form Electrify into Looptastic HD. That'd be a studio unto itself.

    But as I say, it's an excellent and powerful sample mangling groovebox, and I'm really looking forward to future developments.

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