What would you like to see in BeatMaker 2?

Yesterday saw the first glimpse of BeatMaker 2. Already I’ve seen comments comparing what might be coming in BM2 against NanoStudio, but as neither app has been released we can only wait and see what they will be like.

So what would make BM2 a must for you? What is the killer feature that makes it a necessity on your iPhone or iPad (or both)?


  1. An advanced sample editor, more effects, automation, better mixing, etc. A synth would be nice.

    I hope BeatMaker 2 is amazing but honestly I think NanoStudio is more likely to be a better app.

  2. I would like a couple things,
    1. record audio direct to the arrange so i dont need to use one of my 16 pads for a vocal track.
    2. seperate plugins for the audio tracks vs the sampler, so i can eq and compress vox or guitar or whatever i recorded.
    3. a synth! that can be automated in the arrange like cutoff and stuff
    everything else is already awesome maybe a

  3. My main feature request of multiple pad banks looks like it's been met. I'd also like to see loop/one-shot and gate/trigger control for the pads and a pattern select mode for the sequencer, but I can live without those.

    I'm not at all interested in a synth inside Beatmaker. It's really all about samples with this app, and there's plenty of other synths that are already good, so why include a lesser synth when sampling is the focus?

    That's also why I think the competition between Beatmaker and NanoStudio is overblown. They're really different, and I think that people who primarily want to do sample-based music will stick with Beatmaker and people who want a full DAW-like experience with synths will be drawn to NanoStudio.

    That's how I see it anyway.

  4. @ Speak Onion: I don't think the comparison of BM and NS ends at feature set. Support also plays a factor, and Intua are very uncommunicative, in my experience. This is in stark contrast to the guy at Blip Interactive, who has been very social with potential users.

    Maybe this isn't an issue for some people, but it certainly is for others.

  5. Midi sync using line6 midi mobilizer!

    Then I can have a hardware synced sampling drum machine!!! Omg ftw!

    If it has that I will buy it.

  6. Speakonion – you do know that you can put a sample into the synth module of nanostudio? Also you get two modules of 16 pads with full ADSR, trigger modes and mute groups. From the looks of things by screenshots intua still seems to have convulted a simple idea. Using BM was such a pain to use due to the fact that to load a sample you would need to go through 8screens/menus …. By the time I got my samples selected I was already over my creative burst. I love some portable sampling action so instead of fighting my iPhone I got a Roland SP404 (battery powered) and a Yamaha QY100. I'm a happy mobile musician now 🙂

  7. Needs better interface, changing parameters is too long-winded . No beatpack, what a waste of time this is. I want to be able to copy directories over, I cannot be bothered copying samples over one by one! I will not get it if I have to do this.

    More advanced sampling functions and also good effect chaining possibilities. A more intuative (sic, pardon the pun) sequencer…

    Also more cowbells 🙂

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