3D DS!

Is this for real? A 3D display on the new DS? Please someone make a 3 dimensional mobile music app for this, that would be amazing!

Here’s a bit more info via TechSpot:

If you had any doubts about the existence of Nintendo’s glasses-free 3D-ready portable console, let the record show that it’s very real. During its E3 press conference today, the company officially unwrapped its 3DS handheld, touting “a solution that lets you take 3D gaming along with you wherever you go.” The device is known to come in two colors, red and blue, and features a 3.5-inch 3D display on top, which you can adjust (or disable) with a hardware slider.

The bottom half of the 3DS is populated with a touchscreen display (not 3D-capable), what appears to be an analog stick that Nintendo is calling a “Slide Pad,” as well as a standard directional pad and action buttons. There’s also a gyro, a motion sensor, two camera lenses for taking 3D pictures, and the new console compatible with DS games. Wi-Fi features were emphasized during the event, such as the ability to automatically seek out hotspots or other 3DS systems.


  1. Yes this is most certainly true. It looks to be about as powerful as the Wii/Gamecube so I'm sure we'll be seeing some good music appz. I'm just glad that there is the ability to adjust the amount of “3d” the top screen produces. For some reason I have the feeling not everything is going to look good in 3d. None-the-less I'm glad nintendo keeps pushing forward with durable portable gaming systems.

  2. Except for the gyroscope, I don't see much use of the 3D capabilities of the system besides some amazing visualizations for mp3 playing. But even then pretty much all devs have moved to the IOS platform, sadly.

    To the glitchds, seno and tonesynth guys and all the other ones I can't remember at the moment, you did great work and I hope you don't stop.

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