Agile Partners announces AmpKit

The makers of TabToolKit Agile partners announce their new app / hardware combo called AmpKit and AmpKit Link, and it looks great.

3D DS!

Is this for real? A 3D display on the new DS? Please someone make a 3 dimensional mobile music app for this, that would be amazing!

Here’s a bit more info via TechSpot:

If you had any doubts about the existence of Nintendo’s glasses-free 3D-ready portable console, let the record show that it’s very real. During its E3 press conference today, the company officially unwrapped its 3DS handheld, touting “a solution that lets you take 3D gaming along with you wherever you go.” The device is known to come in two colors, red and blue, and features a 3.5-inch 3D display on top, which you can adjust (or disable) with a hardware slider.

The bottom half of the 3DS is populated with a touchscreen display (not 3D-capable), what appears to be an analog stick that Nintendo is calling a “Slide Pad,” as well as a standard directional pad and action buttons. There’s also a gyro, a motion sensor, two camera lenses for taking 3D pictures, and the new console compatible with DS games. Wi-Fi features were emphasized during the event, such as the ability to automatically seek out hotspots or other 3DS systems.

RJDJ Trippy update

Replay has worked together with RjDj to offer two exciting new trippy sonic landscapes for you to enjoy! The first is Replay in Atlantis, which plunges you into a wonderful deep sea world. Your environment is transformed in realtime into a dense atmospheric soundscape, usually only ever heard by the most experienced of divers. Listen out for floating harmonies, deep bass lines and even mermaids. The Kids on DSP teamed up with Kirsty Hawkshaw on this scene.
The second scene, Replay Speedometer, accelerates your world. The scene puts you into the cockpit of a space ship in light speed. The sonic objects of your environment accelerate past you as if your real world is from yesterday. Replay Speedometer plays realtime doppler effects, time bending sample playbacks and in realtime granular synthesised sound fragments with the nervous sounds of speed on a 168BPM timeline of drum and bass.

RJDJ apps at the app store:
Reality Jockey Ltd.

The Daily eBay

A few more things on eBay that might be of interest or of use to you.

Another very over priced Monotron for anyone desperately in need of one.
Monotron at eBay

A PRS Guitarbud for a bit more than I paid for mine, but not a terrible price. They are noisy though. PRS Guitarbud on eBay

I don’t think I’ve seen a TuneStudio listed this cheaply before, so it may go for an absolute bargain!
TuneStudio at eBay

A QY10 for £25 (at the time of writing that is). QY10 at eBay

What would you like to see in BeatMaker 2?

Yesterday saw the first glimpse of BeatMaker 2. Already I’ve seen comments comparing what might be coming in BM2 against NanoStudio, but as neither app has been released we can only wait and see what they will be like.

So what would make BM2 a must for you? What is the killer feature that makes it a necessity on your iPhone or iPad (or both)?

Mixtikl 2

Mixtikl 2 at the app store:
Mixtikl 2

M3000 has arrived

The rather awesome M3000 from Omenie has arrived. Here’s what you’ll find on your iPad:

The only licensed mellotron on the App Store.

Streetly Mellotronics (inventors and manufacturers of the original mellotron) and Omenie Software (creators of Ellatron for iPhone) have joined forces to create the M3000, the most accurate and thorough digital simulation of the classic 1960s tape replay instrument, and it is available exclusively for the iPad.

Streetly have for the first time made their entire production tape vault available under license, and the M3000 features a huge and rich collection of 13 original voices. All 35 notes of each voice have been accurately sampled, and the tapes were painstakingly reviewed for maximum tuning accuracy and playability. These tapes are the genuine article, real deal, straight from the vault – with M3000 you get *EXACTLY* the sound that was used on Strawberry Fields, Nights in White Satin, Watcher of the Skies, Odessey and Oracle …

Tone, pitch, volume and A/B/C voice controls are available, presented in the style of a classic M400. Even better, the A/B/C switch is improved upon with the introduction of continuous blending to support an infinite* variety of blended tones.

M3000 also builds from Ellatron – the core audio engine is derived from Ellatron, and Ellatron’s Chord Pads are retained. 4 voices may be held in memory at once, allowing a blended A/B/C bed to be played on the chord pads with a separate Tron playing the melody line. The addition of a rich, luscious stereo reverb allows the M3000 to be used as a performance instrument with no outboard effects chain.

M3000 for iPad. No bells. No whistles. No cats. Just pure, musical, Mellotronic joy.

It’s like the 1970s never happened. Relive 1967 forever with the Mellotronics M3000.

Voices –

  • Church Organ
  • Eight Choir
  • Boys Choir
  • Female Choir
  • String Section
  • Cello
  • Mark II Violins
  • Mark II Flute
  • Mark II Clarinet
  • Tenor Sax
  • Oboe
  • Trombone
  • Mark II Brass

*Not quite infinite. Your mileage may vary.

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