Countdown to iOS4: i-11

Folders. Simple app management for the iPhone. The headline is that you can now have up to 2160 apps on your device which is good although I’m not sure I’ll need that many. I know that this feature is going to make life a lot easier. How do you plan to use it?


  1. I may've installed the GM of iOS4 (I'm impatient). I'm really liking it so far. Multitasking and folders are great.

    The folders are easy to setup and organize and act logically. I've set up a folder of some of my most commonly used music apps. They're quick to access and then with “multitasking” I can swap between them easily.

    I make “noise”ish music and am often feeding a bunch of delays and such from my phone. Switching between apps in a reasonable time is now doable to expand how I use the phone.

  2. If its good I won't need to use the Categories app for jailbreaks. Its really useful to sort apps in folders and I can't believe it will have taken 3 years and 4 version of the OS before Apple granted us the rights to do such a simple and essential thing on their devices.

  3. Finally I can put all of my girlfriend's apps in one folder, and organize my music apps separately.

    I'm one of those folks who uses his touch for EVERYTHING… so the current limitation on the number of visible apps is maddening sometimes.

    This is the feature I most want by far. Multi-tasking (at least in the crippled way that is getting implemented) doesn't come close.

    I think I'll go for 3 music production folders to start

    – AudioCopy/Paste Apps (both Intua & Sonoma since I have apps that can speak between the two standards)
    – “Standalone” Apps (those that are still useful for production but can't output their audio to another app directly.)
    – Sound/Music “Toys”. (Not very useful for music production, but may have some use in a live setting or as a one-off effect.)

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