Beatmaker 2 on the way

You might have seen me re-tweet this earlier, but if not here’s as much detail as there is at the moment from Intua:

As you may already know, we are currently finishing BeatMaker 2 and we decided to post from time to time some information before its release.
We’re starting today with a screenshot from what we call BeatMaker’s Studio view. We hope it gives you some insights about it

Intua’s tweet was tagged with iPad as well as iPhone which is great news. As and when there’s more news I’ll post it.


  1. The real question is whether or not they'll be able to match and/or exceed what NanoStudio's set to offer.

  2. hmm. Mixed feelings here. Considering I payed WAY more for BM than any other app (£12) I was hoping for a lot more updates+additions coming my way to fix even simple bugs.
    But no, they are doing a new one so chances are we'll never see another BM1 update. With that lack of support, it makes me very wary and reluctant to get BM2 regardless of features. Im not expecting any sort of offer to existing customers of BM1 so I'll probably give my money to nanostudio instead.

  3. Well, if it comes close to the sublime flexibility and functionality of the original Beatmaker, the real question is whether Nanostudio can compete w/ INTUA!

  4. I'm getting very excited now, all of a sudden mobile music apps are becoming less toyish. I'd be really disappointed if intua charged for this update for existing customers, though yeah I won't be surprised if they do!

  5. Rog, Intua must have supported BM owners w/ at least half-a-dozen updates since it's appearance in the App store (was it a launch app? I believe it was). What makes you think that NanoStudio will be even HALF as attentive to it's users?

  6. Icepulse, This is because the nanostudio devs actually respond to their forum users. Intua waits until everybody is frustrated and ready to give up. Go to their forum and look at the post I made about nanostudio for example. Also the reason they updated their app was just to keep up with firmware releases from apple. Over two years they have only made one worthy update (pitch samples across the pads) but seem to ignore their users on all their requests.

  7. No reason, I'm just willing to give them a chance. BM hasn't had an update since I've owned it and there's some glaringly obvious and simple things that they could have added but decided to put them in the new version.
    Nobody knows if nano will be better supported, but it's looking like a good alternative

  8. I purchased BM i thought it was ok at first as it WAS better than most things out there, but Nanostudio far out ways BM. you said ” the real question is whether Nanostudio can compete w/ INTUA!”

    Have you tried Nanostudio?

  9. As a BM1 owner I used to love showing it off as an amazing step toward a usable complete mobile studio. I would often tinker with BM to create beats, but as a standalone utility for song creation it was just too complicated. Nanostudio was simply more intuitive and the initial feature set was beyond comparison to BM.

    In the end, I think everyone will agree that competition will make for better apps all around, but after seeing how responsive the Nanostudio devs are and the increasing feature set, I've become less interested in the BM2 release.

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