Beatmaker 2 on the way

You might have seen me re-tweet this earlier, but if not here’s as much detail as there is at the moment from Intua:

As you may already know, we are currently finishing BeatMaker 2 and we decided to post from time to time some information before its release.
We’re starting today with a screenshot from what we call BeatMaker’s Studio view. We hope it gives you some insights about it

Intua’s tweet was tagged with iPad as well as iPhone which is great news. As and when there’s more news I’ll post it.

Bleep!Box is good

BleepBox at the app store:

iPad Decals

This one’s my fav but you can see the others at mashable.

Mini-SSM2164 Cheatsheet from Mutable Instruments

More from Mutable Instruments pm the SSM2164.


Impressions of Pro Keys for the iPad

Pro Keys is a really straightforward app for the iPad that I almost couldn’t put down at all when I first used it. I think that Pro Keys is going to be really useful live next time I play.

Whilst the app has only a subset of sounds from iSequence they are still very good and the twin keyboards are great to play. For me it was the twin keyboard feature that made this really fun to use and play with and it is really worth trying out if you have an iPad.

Pro Keys at the app store

TouchOSC Promo Code Give Away CLOSED

The TouchOSC promo code give away has now closed. Please don’t send in any more entries. Codes will be sent out later today.

TouchOSC (Universal for iPhone and iPad) at the app store:
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