Beatmaker 2 on the way

You might have seen me re-tweet this earlier, but if not here’s as much detail as there is at the moment from Intua:

As you may already know, we are currently finishing BeatMaker 2 and we decided to post from time to time some information before its release.
We’re starting today with a screenshot from what we call BeatMaker’s Studio view. We hope it gives you some insights about it

Intua’s tweet was tagged with iPad as well as iPhone which is great news. As and when there’s more news I’ll post it.

Bleep!Box is good

BleepBox at the app store:

iPad Decals

This one’s my fav but you can see the others at mashable.

Mini-SSM2164 Cheatsheet from Mutable Instruments

More from Mutable Instruments pm the SSM2164.


Impressions of Pro Keys for the iPad

Pro Keys is a really straightforward app for the iPad that I almost couldn’t put down at all when I first used it. I think that Pro Keys is going to be really useful live next time I play.

Whilst the app has only a subset of sounds from iSequence they are still very good and the twin keyboards are great to play. For me it was the twin keyboard feature that made this really fun to use and play with and it is really worth trying out if you have an iPad.

Pro Keys at the app store

TouchOSC Promo Code Give Away CLOSED

The TouchOSC promo code give away has now closed. Please don’t send in any more entries. Codes will be sent out later today.

TouchOSC (Universal for iPhone and iPad) at the app store:


I’ve been playing around with Thicket on my iPhone and iPad recently and really enjoying it. I love generative apps and this is good one. Thicket is just about making the sound and visual right now and not about saving files or recording. Whilst I always like to be able to save work and come back to it I also really like to be able to just make some sound and use software to just enjoy the sound and visual combination. Thicket does that very well.

Here’s the app’s description:

Thicket is an audiovisual world of texture, movement, line and tone. Spending time with Thicket, you create dense, mesmerizing sonic and visual patterns within a space of warm, bright, rhythmic sound design and constantly evolving, bending, elegant scrawls. Touch it, let it go, use one, two, three or ten fingers, try a violent scribble, or a gentle caress.

Thicket’s creators, Morgan Packard and Joshue Ott, are artist/programmers with roots in underground techno, classical music, art, theater and dance, who usually present their work on big screens and big sound systems. Thicket, their first adventure in to the world of mobile app art, is an intimate, highly personalized realization of the artistic styles they have each developed over years of dedicated work in venues throughout the world.

  • Simultaneous gestural control of audio and video.
  • Ultra-simple interface. Just move your fingers, watch and listen.
  • Thicket’s steady stream of musical pulses can now be expanded to an ocean of rhythmic pattern possibilities
  • Disable sleep mode and watch Thicket to calm you down.
  • Generative audio and video, never the same experience twice.
  • Universal App: works iPad iPhone and iTouch (iPhone OS 3.1.3 required).
  • iPad VGA-out support: Connect your iPad to a projector or monitor and watch Thicket on a big screen

Thicket for the iPhone and iPad:

Countdown to iOS4: i-11

Folders. Simple app management for the iPhone. The headline is that you can now have up to 2160 apps on your device which is good although I’m not sure I’ll need that many. I know that this feature is going to make life a lot easier. How do you plan to use it?

Synthtopia’s 5 reasons not to get an iPhone and …

why you should! You know what my opinion is but this post at Synthtopia makes for interesting reading as does Peter Kirn’s take on it at CDM.

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