Impressions of Looptastic HD

I’ve had Looptastic Producer on my iPhone since the day it came out and loved it when it got audio paste. With Looptastic HD for iPad SoundTrends have taken this to the next level.

SoundTrends have done a great job of laying out the UI for the HD version of the app. They’ve made really good use of the screen real estate and I can now get to all the controls instantly.

I especially like the way you can access loops from other sets whilst you’re working, which really expands the usefulness of Looptastic HD.

The additional effects in Looptastic HD you even more ways to cut up your sound although I still find myself using my favourites after a while.

The most recent addition to Looptastic HD is the ability to upload to SoundCloud which rounds off the app really nicely.

Looptastic HD is a great app for mixing your loops whether you’ve made them in another app or on the desktop. I really enjoy playing with this app and always seem to spend more time using it than I intend to.

If you haven’t tried it on your iPad or iPhone then you should really give it a try.

Looptastic HD at the app store (iTunes Link)

Looptastic Producer for the iPhone
Looptastic Producer

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