Dub Siren Pro for iPhone

If you like Dub Siren you should take a look at Dub Siren Pro. Here’s what the differences between the two apps are:

DUB SIREN PRO Extra Features

  1. 7 sound packs included for FREE!
  2. Vintage ‘vacuum-bulb’ scrolling display for track/musician info.
  3. 3 truely analogue sounding sirens based on new Pro Wave oscillators.
  4. Option page for Pro DJ setup; turn off sleep, kill the intro noise; Dub Siren as you want it!

DUB SIREN PRO Sound Pack List

  • Classic – The classic reggae sound effects
  • Pro DJ – More crucial dancehall and dub drops
  • U-Roy – Wake Up The Town with King Tubby’s own DJ
  • Yellowman – Yup, it’s the original king of dancehall- Zungazungg!
  • Weapon – BOOYAKA! Tinpan sound get mash up!
  • Sci-Fi – Set phasers to ‘kill a sound’ with these space age effects.
  • Cultural Warriors – The world famous Swiss soundsystem.
  • Jahtari* – Lo-fi, 8-bit madness from Germany.
  • Lee Perry* – Upsetting your selection, straight from his secret laboratory.
  • Ninja* – Tear it up Tigerstyle!

(*marked packs are available as paid downloads from within the app for $0.99 each)

Dub Siren Pro at the app store:
Dub Siren Pro

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