Line 6 MIDI Memo Recorder

MIDI Memo Recorder has had a mini update:

  • Changed Standard MIDI File timing format from the SMPTE standard to beat clock standard for compatibility with DAWs that do not support the SMPTE standard.
  • Resolved an issue where the state of the Memos list would not be retained after reordering memos.

Line 6 MIDI Memo Recorder at the app store:
MIDI Memo Recorder

miniDraw Full update

This drawing app gets a social media update with some other stuff too:

– Copy/Paste
– Import/Export (you can export your work to miniDraw HD)
– Email PNG
– Post to Facebook & Twitter
– Separate Remove Line & Remove Point icons

miniDraw full at the app store:
miniDraw full

Richie Hawtin’s iPad-Controlled DJ Rig At Detroit Electronic Music Festival 2010

Via Synthtopia.

Morphwiz Blues

2 x WWDC in the Future?

MacRumors posts on the possibility that Apple are looking at holding two developers conferences per year. One for iOS iPhone, iPad etc, and one for Mac OSX and Mac.

That would be interesting if Apple did it, and I wonder if they did that how many other things they would intentionally split in two?

Impressions on iSequence for the iPad

I’ve be using iSequence on the iPad for about a week now so I thought I’d jot down a few impressions of this app.

My first impression of iSequence on the iPad was the sheer quality of the sounds on board. They are so clear and crisp it is incredible! In fact every time I use this app it really hits me just how good the sounds are.
As for sequencing, iSequence has a very simple and straightforward interface. If you’ve used the iPhone version you’ll have no problems at all with it. Selecting and using sounds is easy too.
The two features I’ve enjoyed the most in the iPad version are the mixer and automation. Switching in and out of the mixer is really easy and gives you lots of options including two effect sends.
Automation in iSequence is great to play around with and is very flexible. Just a question of drawing your finger over the screen.
Overall I’ve found myself using iSequence a great deal on the iPad, and being able to paste into MultiTrack makes is a highly useful part of my iPad workflow.

iSequence on the app store:

The iPhone fayum portraits

Via Fingerpainted.

KORG monotron ABC MOVIE – note D : Melody 2

Reforge Promo Code Give Away

Another give away today, this time a great audio editing and processing app Reforge. To enter the competition just answer this question.

“Name another two applications by Tibor Horvath”

Send your competition entries in to by 3pm GMT tomorrow 13th June.
Please remember that promo codes are only valid in the US version of the app store.
If you need a clue then check out his other apps at the app store:
Tibor Horvath

Gorgeous Shruti-1 box

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