What I’d like to see in … DopplerPad

I really do like DopplerPad from the Retronyms. It is without a doubt a great app, but even so, there’s always something that can do with an update and an improvement here or there. So I thought I’d put down a few thoughts on what I’d like to see come into this app.

  1. An iPad version. Whether it is a universal or a completely separate version of DopplerPad I think that it would be brilliant if it were native to the iPad.
  2. Multi project support, this is almost more important than an iPad version of the app. It would be so useful to be able to call up separate projects and work on them in DopplerPad, and even be able to move patterns from one project to another.
  3. Remove the last instrument or a commit button. I don’t know how many times I’ve been working on a pattern in DopplerPad and recorded it only to then think that I didn’t like the last thing I added. Of course it is possible to work around this, and I do understand that DopplerPad’s recording is more like overdubbing than layering separate tracks, but some form of last action undo would be wonderful.

See, it isn’t a long list, but I think that each of those is probably a fair amount of work though. Do you have any burning issues for DopplerPad? Comment them in if you do.

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  1. I think the most obviously needed feature in Dopplerpad is a sequencer. I understand that part of the whole gimmick is having the system to tap in the notes, but for drum patterns it turns into a huge pain in the ass. Or there at least needs to be a quantize setting. You can use the arpeggiator for this, but it's by no means a perfect solution.

  2. DP is a great App and a good example of fresh thinking in terms of interface design for a multi touch environment. Once you get into the swing of it the work flow is good and little things like reducing the number of keys, y axis modulation and the gate/arp are really nicely implimented. The whole setup works to produce loops that will work well together and that can be pasted into other Apps

    Think you've hit the nail on the head with the main updates required. Record undo in particular would be really useful. A normalise option on the sampler and a sampler that could be played with the Arp with the option to set sample start and loop points might be interesting.

    It would be nice to see the synth beefed up a bit. Can't help but wonder what could be achieved with nlog attached to the DP interface…?!

  3. Big disappointment for me, not enough features to be useful, one of many apps I regret buying, like David said it needs quantize, also I think it is way too expensive especially when compared to the likes of bebot, sampletoy, nanoloop, thump etc all of which are actually useful in some way.

    Just another in a long list of sucky apps IMHO, and I now refuse to buy apps unless there is a demo version or I can try it out beforehand.

  4. I'd like to see Auto-saving of the current pad states. So if I forget to drag a loop to my bank, it's still there next time I launch.

  5. How about allowing the tempo to actually slow down a finished piece, rather than doing funky stuff with the the length of the loop?

    It seems like you should at least be able to delete parts and re-record them. If I use a certain bass patch, let me select that patch then press a delete button to get rid of that patch’s part in the loop. Then I could go back in and lay down a new bass line with the same patch.

    As an aside, I really like Palm Sounds, but it’s time to start seeing reviews of some of these apps with pros and cons. That’s the only change I’d like to see to this blog.

  6. definitely not a disappointing app…

    this is the app that makes me not completely regret having an iphone. it has a great interface that you can do a lot with tiny screen, and have fun improvising

    i totally agree with #2, i mentioned it to them before and they said they would look into but i don't think they thought it was too important for whatever reason

    i'd also love to see an undo. maybe a step sequencer- but more importantly a way to turn off the tap sensitivity, especially when using the arp. you set the level you want each step, but then you also have to make sure you tap the screen hard enough- it always annoys me.

    oh yeah- and more samplers. love the samplers. maybe the ability to turn off the pitch shifting and effects on the samplers that have them?

  7. Careful use of the Arp/gate makes it possible to effectively sequence drums and melodies whilst still using y-axis modulation. The program is quirky, has it's limitations and is much better at some things than others, but then I'm not sure that's a bad thing in an iPhone App?

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