2 Questions for everyone

I’ve been thinking about iOS4 and iPhone 4 and I have 2 questions that I thought I’d pose to everyone.

Upgrade to iPhone 4?

Aparently I can upgrade to iPhone 4 with o2 in the UK from my current 3G. But looking at their tariffs they are awful. Data seems to have been restricted in a big way. So is it worth upgrading to iPhone 4?

Question 2 is more for the developers but I’m interested in all views

Will existing apps written for iPhone OS3 play nicely in iOS4? Are developers looking to upgrade apps to iOS4 to take advantage of the new features of the OS, and if you are going to do that will your apps still work ok with OS3?


  1. #1. You want the iphone4 and got the money for the data plans, then get it. If you don't like it, keep yours, its still going to get the IOS4 update.

    #2. Based on what I saw with iphone os2 and os3, it won't take long before apps are updated to be compatible with the new system because most devs wants their apps to be certified for the new OS quickly. If you haven't updated to the new OS, you will lose the applications when they will be updated as well… so in the end its not really a choice if you still want to be using your apps in 6 months..Its the Apple way!

    oooh I just can't wait to be forced to shell out another 15$ for this! Its going to be so much fun being locked out of multitasking!! (ipod touch2 user)

  2. Getting the iPad has had a serious impact on my iPhone use, as I expected – if I'm at home with WiFi, I'll use the iPad. So I'm not too bothered about rushing for an iPhone 4, though I would like the camera upgrade. My contract is up in August, so I'll look into it then.

    I'd heard that the bandwidth had dropped to what, 500mb per month? Could be wrong. I doubt I use that, so as long as the fees for going over aren't monstrous, I don't mind – particularly if I can save on my monthly bill. But for heavy users or those who rely solely on 3G, I can see it needing some close examination.

    I imagine providers are getting antsy about the multitasking, which will presumably allow people to leave services like Spotify on in the background, and the general rise of streaming services.

    Appwise I expect we'll see a fair few updates that require OS4. I wonder if there's some kind of Apple mandate about updates having a 'minimum OS'?

  3. @johnnyg0

    Apple has said that iOS 4 will be a FREE upgrade for all iDevice users with compatible hardware. 🙂

  4. Putting questions 1 & 2 together. Will it be worth upgrading to iOS4 until devs have upgraded their apps.
    I think once the apps are updated it will probably be enough to play with iOS4. By the time the novelty of iOS4 has worn off we'll all know whether we need a new bit of hardware.

  5. @robert

    Wow, that is a surprise! But is the ipod touch 2g considered “compatible hardware” since some functions like multitasking will be disabled because it doesn't work on that model?

  6. I'm not bothered about the iPhone 4 at the moment. I actually prefer the design of the 3G and 3GS. I don't like the white frontage, of the white model either, despite the white model (it's more 'classic'). I'd rather have an iPad than an iPhone 4. The only thing I'd miss perhaps would be the HD movie camera perhaps, but then again, I've already got a Lumix G1 for stills, and I prefer stills to movies anyway.

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