Pixelh8 Playing BBC Blast 25th June

Full details at his blog.

4 Step Micro Sequencer

Via Matrixsynth.

HHH iPhone Give Away starts Monday!

There’s a sneak peak of what’s coming here.

Reforge update

Reforge gets a very cool email update. Here’s what’s new:

  • Import mp3, im4, aif files directly from emails into Reforge. If you receive an email with an attached mp3 file on your iPad, tap and hold the mp3 representation in the email app until the menu appears and then tap “open in Reforge”
  • This feature enables you to receive mp3, aif and im4 files via email directly on your iPad and audiocopy them over into StudioTrack for further mixing.

Reforge at the app store:
Tibor Horvath

Amarino – Arduino meets Android

Ok, now I really want to get myself an Android device. The Amarino toolkit connects your Android device and multiple Arduinos. The kit consists of an Android app and an Arduino library.

This is so tempting. All I need to do is to work out how to get an Android device for free!

RiotFX still on sale

RiotFX is still on sale at a reduced price of just £0.59 / $0.99 until version 2, which is supposed to be a ‘massive’ update.

RiotFX at the app store:
RiotFX - Guitar Multi Effects

Make your own PRS GuitarBud?

Here’s how at Make.

M3000 coming 14th of June

From the makers of Ellatron the M3000 comes to the iPad on the 14th of this month. Not long to wait.

Also, Omenie have a new website with a bit more info about the M3000.

Monotron (mod) demo

Via Matrixsynth.

What I’d like to see in … DopplerPad

I really do like DopplerPad from the Retronyms. It is without a doubt a great app, but even so, there’s always something that can do with an update and an improvement here or there. So I thought I’d put down a few thoughts on what I’d like to see come into this app.

  1. An iPad version. Whether it is a universal or a completely separate version of DopplerPad I think that it would be brilliant if it were native to the iPad.
  2. Multi project support, this is almost more important than an iPad version of the app. It would be so useful to be able to call up separate projects and work on them in DopplerPad, and even be able to move patterns from one project to another.
  3. Remove the last instrument or a commit button. I don’t know how many times I’ve been working on a pattern in DopplerPad and recorded it only to then think that I didn’t like the last thing I added. Of course it is possible to work around this, and I do understand that DopplerPad’s recording is more like overdubbing than layering separate tracks, but some form of last action undo would be wonderful.

See, it isn’t a long list, but I think that each of those is probably a fair amount of work though. Do you have any burning issues for DopplerPad? Comment them in if you do.

DopplerPad at the app store:
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