Sonorasaurus on Apple’s iPod Library Restrictions

There’s a post a few days old now at Sonorasaurus about the restrictions that Apple maintains on apps accessing the iPod music library.

It does seem strange that they maintain these restrictions as their own new iMovie app for iPhone 4 will be able to access the music library so why not extend that to DJ apps and more?

If you feel strongly about this then check out the post at the Sonorasaurus blog.


  1. As much as I dislike how antitrust is used, Apple seems to inch closer and closer to the gov't filing suit. Between this and banning Admob (after Google bought it out from under them). Bad form Apple, bad form

  2. Apple is a company selling a usb and a SD connector that doesn't read usb keys nor SD cards (besides pictures), and Apple also sells a tv out device that doesn't put videos on your tv screen…

    Apple doesn't make computers anymore, they didn't drop “computers” from their name for no reasons.

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