Impressions of StudioTrack for the iPad

One of the first things that went onto my iPad 2 weeks ago was StudioTrack from Sonoma and Retronyms. I’ve been a fan of their FourTrack app since it came out and was really pleased to hear about StudioTrack when it was announced.
If I think back to when I started Palm Sounds the thought of having a fully functioning 8 track on a mobile device was almost completely unthinkable. Now it is a reality and StudioTrack is a great app.
For me one of the great things about using StudioTrack is the effects send per channel and the fact that it includes their audio copy/paste functionality too. Getting audio in and out and working with other music apps is really simple now.
I’m planning to use StudioTrack to finish up a set of songs that I’ve been working on for a long time now, and when it is all done I’ll be making them available to see what you all think of them.
StudioTrack isn’t a cheap application, but as far as I’m concerned it is more than worth the money.
Knowing both Sonoma and Retronyms I’m sure that their already working on the next updates for this app and I’m sure we’re going to see great things coming to this app and their others.
StudioTrack from Sonoma at the app store:
Sonoma Wire Works


  1. Currently StudioTracks cannot use the USB Camera Connection Kit interface, so you cannot plug a USB mic, like Blue's Yeti, into it. That is a big limitation for such a pricey app.

  2. All good to know. I was always put off by how slowly fixes came to 4-Track, and the price:performance ratio. So, I have hesitated jumping on StudioTrack.

    What I would really like to see on this site or somewhere is a head-to-head comparison of StudioTrack with competitive products such as MultiTrack. Even a good feature comparison would be helpful. But pros and cons for each would be great!

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