HHH Take on iMovie and the other iPhone video apps

HHH has a good post on the impact of Apple’s iMovie app for the iPhone on apps like ReelDirector and 1st Video. Worth a read if you’re into filmmaking on your iPhone.

Also, I had to post this picture as it is amazing!

Monotron MS20 & KP3

Synthtopia’s 5 reasons to get an iPhone 4

Synthtopia gives mobile musicians 5 reasons to get the new iPhone 4, not that you’ll really need 5 reasons as it is uber cool.

Pixelh8 on Radio 5

Media coverage of Pixelh8 is featured in a documentary on Radio 5 looking at pixel art and the chip tune scene.

MusicLoop for the iPhone

Another looping app for the iPhone. I hadn’t noticed this one before. Here’s the app’s description:

MusicLoop allows you to record several looping tracks, mix them and share them to all your friends via Twitter, FaceBook or email. MusicLoop is easy to use, you don’t need to be a musician to master it.

MusicLoop is the musical companion you’ve been waiting for.

Just imagine : it’s late and you are wondering what genious stuff can come out of your mind.

With MusicLoop your creative spirit has no limit for music creation, and you don’t need to be a musician : this app has been designed for everyone ! Let’s try to mix music and fun, it’s so easy.

In the family of Looptastic, Four Track, iSample, Everyday Looper and BeatMaker, MusicLoop is a music tool based on what musicians call a sampler.

MusicLoop at the app store:

Gakken at the magazine stand

I wish you could pick these up at newstands in the UK. The shipping on these from eBay is always way too much. Via Matrixsynth.

miniSynth Pro has had an update today. Here’s what’s new:

  • Added “Loop” playback toggle to the Recording module: user now has option to loop-playback sound files
  • Added “No Destination” option to Matrix configuration list under prefs: useful when user wants to control only one parameter via the Matrix
  • Updated “Tempo Up/Down” buttons in the Arp section to continuously change tempo when they are held down
  • Updated icon!
  • Some improvements to the UI
Yonac at the app store:

GigDaddy update

GigDaddy has been updated. It is good to see that this app is still in active development even though the multitrack market on the iPhone is very competitive these days. Here’s what’s new:

  • Added selection list for easier selection of destination project during mixdown.
  • Improved stability after continuous use, when performing multiple mixdowns or when selecting between projects and rhythm tracks, or uploading MIDI tracks.
  • Enabled dubbing for 44100, 22050 and 11025 sample rates.

GigDaddy MultiTrack Mixer at the app store:
GigDaddy Multitrack Mixer

Computer Music Editions updated

Both of the Computer music apps have been updated. The updates are very small but I thought I’d post on it as you might not have noticed these in the past and they are free.

Computer Music versions at the app store:
Hige Five

New Sound Demos from OP-1

Teenage Engineering publish 2 new sound demos from the long awaited OP-1.

Fresh and Raw

Fresh 2

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