What does it mean?

So, we’ve heard about iPhone 4 and iOS4, but what will they mean for mobile music? Will music apps be able to use multi-tasking and will this mean being able to play one app whilst recording it in another?

I’m really interested to hear from devs as to what they think the big benefit will be from having iOS4 in the iPhone, and also on the iPad.


  1. It's all about processor and memory for me. Monle maxes out on both. Faster processor means better waveforms. More memory means editing longer audio files.

  2. My first question is will it be possible to record live from one or more apps into a different app?

    Of course, the really big news today is that Bebot has been updated for the iPad (though it hardly needed it)!

  3. Its not really multitasking, the applications are paused and left in the background, and un-paused when you get back to them. Its still way better than no multitasking at all.. and Apple really annoys me by not letting Ipod Touch 2G use this feature (don't tell me its not powerful enough, I'm already running backgrounder and its working damn fine!!)

  4. I just noticed Bluetooth keyboard support. That could lead to other controllers – I hope. I love playing with music apps on my phone but playing synth on a flat screen still isn't doing it for me.

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