What does it mean?

So, we’ve heard about iPhone 4 and iOS4, but what will they mean for mobile music? Will music apps be able to use multi-tasking and will this mean being able to play one app whilst recording it in another?

I’m really interested to hear from devs as to what they think the big benefit will be from having iOS4 in the iPhone, and also on the iPad.

iMovie for iPhone 4!

iMovie for iPhone. Edit with themes, transitions, and titles.

How great is that?

iPhone 4 is here …


WWDC Coverage

Like many others I’ll be reading one of the many live feeds from the WWDC keynote and I’ll be posting anything I think is significant for mobile music as soon as I see it.

Afterwards I’m sure there’ll be lots to comment on.

RiotFX free for a limited time

RiotFX has just become free for a limited time! Get it while you can.

RiotFX at the app store:
RiotFX - Guitar Multi Effects

FIRe on Sale until 10th June

A quick reminder that FIRe, the audio recorder and editor is on sale with the price down from $9.99 to $5.99. If you haven’t tried out FIRe it is well worth a look.

FIRe at the app store:
FiRe - Field Recorder

The Daily eBay

A few bits and pieces you might find handy.

A Yamaha QY10

A bit pricey, but maybe worth it. I know that people either love these or hate them, but they have seemed a little popular for circuit bending.
QY10 at eBay

A Boss Micro BR 4 track recorder

These always come up, But this one is starting at £1 and I’ve never seen one start off this low.
Boss Micro BR on eBay

And finally …

An MU15 going for £40 which isn’t too bad I guess although I paid less for mine.
MU15 at eBay

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