FunkBox Universal Screen Shots

Some shots of the new FunkBox as a universal app! Looks great doesn’t it!

FunkBox Drum Machine at the app store:
FunkBox Drum Machine


  1. this has the potential to be a decent app but, despite the recent update, the timing is still out effectively making it useless as a drum machine.

    to see what i mean program a complete bar of snare drums and see how it drifts almost adding swing at times 🙁

    such a shame

  2. Hey, sorry you aren't happy with the timing. I have worked on improving it in these last two updates, it has gotten better, but I have gone about as far as I can with the current way I generate sounds.

    The next update after this iPad one, which I am starting work on now, will have a new, re-written audio engine that works at the lowest levels of the audio system, so it should be sample accurate and satisfy the most timing sensitive of ears. It will also let the app do things like audio copy/paste, which has been a big user request. This is a big re-write though, I haven't coded audio stuff at these lower levels before, and they have a reputation for being a little quirky and not super well documented. So it may take a little bit to get it right. If it was easy to do, I would have done it already…

    I did add MIDI export in a previous version, so that is one way to get extremely accurate timing from the beats you create with the current version, and also lets you use your own samples/effects/etc, assuming you use a desktop DAW.

    Just wanted to let you know I'm not ignoring your comments. Most feedback on the app has been very positive but I have been and will continue to keep improving it.

    Thanks -SB

  3. hi, thanks for taking the time to reply…..

    as i say uts a shame the timing cant be improved becuase this has real potential.

    really like the minipops and cr78 samples but they got toc waste with the poor timng i feel.

    i look forward to futuredevelopments.

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