Dub Siren update

Dub Siren gets an update. Version 2.0.1 includes:

  1. New, improved, extra-responsive audio engine. This is 4 times quicker to your finger than the original dub siren, so you’ll never miss a beat.
  2. New sound banks available in Dancehall mode.
  3. Chop mode; rinse out the sirens where and when you want, selekta!
  4. Add delay to samples in the Dancehall mode.
  5. Access iTunes by pressing the radio button for more than 3 sec to dub up your own selections
  6. Shuffle radio stations by shaking your iPhone.
  7. Screen sleep mode!
  8. LO button for displaying low bit rate radio stations.

Dub Siren at the app store:
Dub Siren

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