Concretedog’s Competition Entry

Concretedog’s entry into the Palm Sounds Competition.

And a rather interesting solar charging bag from Maplin! I think I’ll have to keep an eye out for one of those.

IDX-16 for the iPad

I’m not sure about this app as it is from the same developer who made BeatSequencer. Anyway, here’s the description:

IDX-16 is a application that allows users to manipulate sounds into patterns. It includes pre-made beats, samples and editable drum kits. It was developed by: A. Todman, who is mostly known as the artist named Insight. (
Insight is an MC, DJ, and Producer who believes that doing what other artists have done is too easy. He put his knowledge of audio to the test by developing the software used to create his music. The IDX was a fun way for him to combine his production and programming skills into an interactive experience. Beats included, such as ‘Hi Piano’ were released on vinyl years ago.

This application is another way to enjoy or manipulate instrumentals, and not a complete music creation environment. Depending on how creative you are, you can still make great beats with it. Check out the videos online for some examples. When Insight has time, more features will be added. Hope you enjoy.

* View the videos and manual at


  • Save up to 50 beats
  • 16 Assignable Pads
  • Use or Edit sounds in 40 kits.
  • Each kit can be re-used in multiple beats.
  • Includes 10 Pre-made Insight Instrumentals
  • Sound library
  • Pitch Lock
  • Sensitivity Controls
  • Keeps beat in time while another is queued
  • Each beat remembers its kit, and tempo
  • Saves everything when you close the app
  • IDX sounds like Insight

IDX-16 at the app store:
Andre Todman

Arduino Pocket Piano Tests

Via Matrixsynth.

Tutorial Apps from Samplecraze

Not to everyone’s taste I know, but may be of use to some.

Samplecraze tutorial apps at the app store:
Samplecraze Compression Tutorials Part 1

Something new from IK Multimedia

Looks very interesting. Via futuremusicmag

NLog Pro

That looks fantastic!

Drum Gloves

A great idea if your the kind of person who taps everything. Via Synthtopia.

Hex OSC Full update

Hex OSC gets a big update:

  • Fix crush issue occurred at the situation below;
  • Change intersect area between keys.
  • Use transpose.

Hex OSC Full at the app store:

NLog Manual now available

Get it here for all your NLog needs!

We all eagerly await what will be in NLog Pro for the iPad!

NLog at the app store:
NLog Synthesizer

Shruthi-1 Source and Schematics

All now available online for those who are interested.

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