Electrify for iPad update

Electrify gets an update. Here’s what’s new:

  • zoom controls
  • hi/lowpass filter per track
  • fixed a issue with the sample start param when automating it with the step params
  • sample browser remembers directory when closing
  • track send all button (the button sends all tracks to the selected effect. if for example a track is set to the effect 1 it will stay on effect 1 but the effect chain will be activated.)
  • fixed bug with lost samples after upgrade from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1
  • The mighty pattern matrix


  1. The screenshot is slightly misleading as the layout on the update has been changed. The best shot would be of the new clip matrix which I believe is on iTunes.

    This is a fairly major update for Electrify as the addition of the Ableton style clip launch grid dramatically increases the potential variations for each track as well as improving on the ergonomics of launching and mixing the individual clips and scenes.

    The grid now allows eight tracks of up to eight bars of clips which can be launched either as scenes or as any combination of individual clips, as long as it's only one from each track.

    The other major alteration is the addition of a switchable high/low pass filter per track which is linked to the clip automation. The combination of varying sample start and filter cutoff on long harmonically rich samples can produce a wide range of tones from a single source.

    With a very simple clip copy and paste implemented the workflow of creating clips and variations is very natural and the scene launch option can get you quickly back to safe territory if you get a little carried away whilst improvising.

    Seems to me like a really worthwhile update, and I can't immediately think of another App with this type of functionality, so for anyone who was interested in the original idea of a live/improvising sample based beat box it might be worth a look?

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