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I’ve been using my iPad for over a week and I think it is about time that I gave some opinions on the apps I’m using. I’m going to start with miniSynth Pro as it is one of the first apps I’ve used on the iPad and I also used it live last weekend.

I have to start by saying that miniSynth Pro comes from a good line of iPhone apps from Yonace and to date I haven’t been disappointed with their apps.

miniSynth Pro is a big step up from miniSynth on the iPhone. Apart from having a lot more features it feels like a more professional app entirely. The controls are responsive and there’s no latency that I can detect.

The oscillator controls give plenty of variation and I love the mod matrix especially live when using the arpeggiator. VCF and AMP controls are equally flexible and allow a good range of sounds. My favourite part though is the arp by a long way. I’ve had loads of fun with this.

The preset sounds that come with miniSynth Pro give you a good feel for what you can achieve with the app. One thing I haven’t used as yet is the recorder, so when I’ve had a chance to try it out I’ll let you know what I think.

Overall my impression of miniSynth Pro is that it is a fully featured synth app that’s going to be a good addition to any mobile musician.

What would I like to see added to it? AudioCopy or pasteboard ideally from the built in recorder. That would be really useful.

Yonac at the app store:

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  1. I always found Minisynth to lag when you play quick notes, is it the same with the ipad version?

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