Audio Palette update

This app hasn’t had an update in a while, but now seems to have got a really big update all in one go! Here’s what’s new:

  • added an HTTP server, users can now upload samples from any web browser when computer and device are on the same wifi network.
  • iPad compatibility
  • Fantastic new palette from Andrey Gladkov, “G-ears”.
  • graphics speed improvements.
  • much improved editing accuracy for sizing and placing circles.
  • users can rename and define a tempo for user created palettes.
  • PLEASE NOTE: tempo only adjusts the quantization of recorded touch strokes, it does not change the rate of sample playback.
  • palette color can be adjusted for any palette.
  • palettes can now be deleted from the browser view instead of from palette edit mode.

iPad specific features:

  • iPad version supports all device orientations.
  • iPad version supports up to 32 sounds, and 50Mb palette size (iphone/iPod touch support 16 sounds, 25Mb).
  • iPad version has 8 touch record buffers (4 on iPhone/Ipod touch).
  • iPad version supports file sharing through iTunes to upload samples (iphone os 3.2 or later) as well as HTTP server wifi upload.
  • misc bug fixes.

Audio Palette at the app store:
audio palette

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