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Haven’t seen one of these for a long time

Via Matrixsynth-B.

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Arduino Bass Synth

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Make on Bildr community

This post at Make about a new community site called Bildr looks very promising. A place for sharing knowledge is always worthwhile.

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A book of finger art

The artists involved in an exhibition are publishing a book of the art they make on the iPhone. Interesting. I would’ve thought that maybe it should be an app?

Details at Fingerpainted.

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miniSynth Pro

I’ve been using my iPad for over a week and I think it is about time that I gave some opinions on the apps I’m using. I’m going to start with miniSynth Pro as it is one of the first apps I’ve used on the iPad and I also used it live last weekend.

I have to start by saying that miniSynth Pro comes from a good line of iPhone apps from Yonace and to date I haven’t been disappointed with their apps.

miniSynth Pro is a big step up from miniSynth on the iPhone. Apart from having a lot more features it feels like a more professional app entirely. The controls are responsive and there’s no latency that I can detect.

The oscillator controls give plenty of variation and I love the mod matrix especially live when using the arpeggiator. VCF and AMP controls are equally flexible and allow a good range of sounds. My favourite part though is the arp by a long way. I’ve had loads of fun with this.

The preset sounds that come with miniSynth Pro give you a good feel for what you can achieve with the app. One thing I haven’t used as yet is the recorder, so when I’ve had a chance to try it out I’ll let you know what I think.

Overall my impression of miniSynth Pro is that it is a fully featured synth app that’s going to be a good addition to any mobile musician.

What would I like to see added to it? AudioCopy or pasteboard ideally from the built in recorder. That would be really useful.

Yonac at the app store:

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Sing ENO

From the people who brought us the Euno synth comes an app to help you sing better!

Welcome to Sing ENO, English National Opera’s second Pocket Workshop for the iPhone.

Sing ENO offers you a complete set of warm-up exercises to prepare your body, voice and mind for singing.

• Work through them daily either in full, or by selecting your favourites.
• Run through them before performing to ensure that you are ready to take the stage.

Sing ENO also offers a complete ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) section, including piano accompaniments for all the exercises, as well as ‘record yourself’ and ‘email to a friend’ functions.

Whether you’re a beginner or a more accomplished singer, you can use this application to prepare yourself to sing!

Sing ENO is FREE at the app store:
Sing ENO

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iSoundScape for iPhone

Another very unusual app to try out. iSoundScape is free, and here’s what it is all about:

iSoundScape is a new kind of interactive evolutionary computation (IEC) for musical works, which is inspired from a biological metaphor, adaptive walk on fitness landscapes.
This application enables you to explore your favorite musical works by walking through a virtual landscape of sounds called a fitness soundscape. There is a virtual two-dimensional plane that represents the genetic space of possible musical works. Several sound sources are placed near corresponding genotype positions, each specifying the kind of sounds and its relative location from the genotype. As you stand on the soundscape realized by the openAL with a head phone, you can hear sets of sounds generated from your neighboring genotypes at the same time. These sounds come from different directions depending on their relative position from you, and are played repeatedly.
By using the human abilities for localization and selective listening, you can walk in the direction of your favorite sounds. Because each newly appearing combination of sounds is similar but slightly different from your previous choice, you can choose more favorite one among them. Thus, adaptive walk through this landscape corresponds to the evolutionary process of the population in standard IECs.

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of anything quite like that, but I’ll certainly give it a go.

iSoundScape at the app store:

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StretchyBand anyone?

An unusual looking app. I’ve read the description and I’m still not sure if I get what it is about really. I might have to try it out. There’s a lite version too.

StretchyBand at the app store

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Audio Palette update

This app hasn’t had an update in a while, but now seems to have got a really big update all in one go! Here’s what’s new:

  • added an HTTP server, users can now upload samples from any web browser when computer and device are on the same wifi network.
  • iPad compatibility
  • Fantastic new palette from Andrey Gladkov, “G-ears”.
  • graphics speed improvements.
  • much improved editing accuracy for sizing and placing circles.
  • users can rename and define a tempo for user created palettes.
  • PLEASE NOTE: tempo only adjusts the quantization of recorded touch strokes, it does not change the rate of sample playback.
  • palette color can be adjusted for any palette.
  • palettes can now be deleted from the browser view instead of from palette edit mode.

iPad specific features:

  • iPad version supports all device orientations.
  • iPad version supports up to 32 sounds, and 50Mb palette size (iphone/iPod touch support 16 sounds, 25Mb).
  • iPad version has 8 touch record buffers (4 on iPhone/Ipod touch).
  • iPad version supports file sharing through iTunes to upload samples (iphone os 3.2 or later) as well as HTTP server wifi upload.
  • misc bug fixes.

Audio Palette at the app store:
audio palette

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Synthesizer Express update

Synthesizer Express now includes a recorder and ’16 pads’ although I’m not entirely sure what they’re for. Any who’s got either of these please let me know what this update actually does.

The free version seems to just get the recorder though.

Synthesizer Express at the app store:
Synthesizer express
Synthesizer Express free at the app store:
Synthesizer express Free

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