Pandora finally shipping

I’d love to hear from anyone who has got one. I know that there was a lot of talk of porting a variety of music applications to Pandora, but I haven’t followed up on where any of that got to.


  1. Still waiting for mine. Not expecting for two months!

    I'll let you know when it lands

  2. a couple of people here have them on preorder, one has actually arrived!

    its a nice bit of kit considering its origins. Theres a few build issues – the one I saw had shoulder buttons that felt vastly different on each side. The linux distro feels a bit sterile too, its not polished in that respect.
    But from the brief glimpse I saw, it has great potential. Never massmarked though, only ever a niche thing in the same fashion as the gp32/gp2x.
    The only thing that worries me from a porting POV is the ARM chip making it a bit harder than a straight x86 recompile.

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