Looks like most if not all of the iDrum editions have now got the ability to post to Facebook and also to Twitter. In addition they’ve now got the ability to record your own samples into the app.

iDrum editions at the app store:
iZotope, Inc.

I wonder if they’ll do anything for the iPad at some point?


  1. I have given up on iDrum ages ago, despite the fact that it had the most intuitive way to program beats and loops on an iPod/iPhone out of any app i've seen so far. What a shame a multitrack music sequencer couldn't be developed from this idea.

    It seems strange to me that all the traditional DAW or DAW plug-in brands (cubase, logic, NI, Izotope (who make iDrum for PC and MAC, etc) haven't really entered the game, and if they have, they don't really seem keen on integration (using pasteboard etc). All we really have is Rebirth (which even on a Desktop is only for some) and iDrum worth mentioning.

    I wonder why there's no development from any of these guys…

  2. I'm hoping someone big will wade in with something cool for the iPad. Like Korg have done with the iElectribe, but hopefully with a little more interoperability.

  3. I agree. In fact when iDrum first appeared on iPod touch a couple of years back, I knew this would happen, and I was right. Rather a shame really.

  4. Its an emerging market, so large companies are naturally reluctant to invest significant capital into a platform that until recently (the last year or so) wasn't for sure going to stick around.

    I remember Image-Line got burned when they started the process of porting FL Studio to Window Mobile, only to have that platform blow up on them.

    Not to mention that there is a culture where the applications only go so much over $10 for semi-pro/pro-music stuff.

    Personally I think the VAST number of pro-music apps on desktops are way over priced. This doesn't change the fact that the incumbents are used to their high prices due to their existing business models.

    The company I would follow closely is White Noise Audio. They let's face it, didn't make too many waves in the already crowded VST market, but they are starting to make a significant presence in the iphone/ipod/ipad mobile market.

    Don't worry about the big guys, they'll get there but not before the little nimble companies get their foothold in first.

    What's really surprising is that Garage Band isn't on the iPad. That's dumb of Apple.

  5. I'm sorry Mr A, but I don't think you really know what you are talking about. It's completely non-surprising that Garageband isn't on the iPad, purely because the lack of memory on the iPad. Can you imagine squeezing all those loop packs into 16gb? It ain't happening.

    As for large companies reluctantly investing in a product that hasn't already swept the floor with its iPod product? The world couldn't wait to get its hands on the iPod Touch just after it was released.

    The real proof here was isotope's already pathetic application to the previous Apple release- iDrum, the AU plugin itself. Isotope were inundated with requests to improve the (originally made for garageband) plugin, which they never did, and ignored every request.

    Yes BleepBox is a very fun little thing, but I have always wished that BB could have had the interface of iDrum, because that interface was so much easier to program than BB's actual interface!

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