HP not going to make smartphones

Brighthand has this post on HP confirming that they don’t want to use their purchase of webOS to make smartphones but for small web connected devices instead.

Do we see a tablet war coming?


  1. This “strategy” is so going to fail for HP. The least appealing thing about Palm as a company was WebOS, or at least how Palm implemented it with nothing appealing for 3rd party developers.

    Seems Palm is the poison pill for companies, no wonder HTC and Apple stayed the hell away. I wonder who will buy the HP/Palm/etc. monolith after they completely fail as a merged company… Maybe then Apple will pick up the remains cheap just to put a final stake through its collective heart.

  2. This is still not to stay “Palm” won't make the cell phones while HP makes the tablets. It would be stupid to throw away the smartphone market and HP knows this. Think about it this way…. would you rather buy a Palm phone or an HP phone on brand alone? I for one would pick the palm anyday.

    HP likes money.
    Cellphones make money.

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