6 comments on “Little Boots on the Monotron”

Little Boots on the Monotron

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HHH at Apple Boston

HHH is going to be talking about iPhone and iPad apps for filmmaking at the Apple Store Boston. All the details are here.

1 comment on “Dell Streak launching tomorrow in the UK!”

Dell Streak launching tomorrow in the UK!

My mistake, it seems that the Streak will come much sooner in the UK. Tomorrow in fact! But the price to buy it outright isn’t cheap at £429 according to this. Pricing seems very ‘iPad-like’ to me!

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Getting audio into StudioTrack using AudioView

I’m guessing this would work for AudioForge too?

3 comments on “Pandora finally shipping”

Pandora finally shipping

I’d love to hear from anyone who has got one. I know that there was a lot of talk of porting a variety of music applications to Pandora, but I haven’t followed up on where any of that got to.

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The Daily eBay

A round up of a few eBay items that might be of interest to you.

I don’t often see LSDJ carts on eBay so perhaps this is quite rare?

LSDJ Cart and GB on eBay

A boxed VL-5 which looks to be in very good condition too.

Casio VL-5 at eBay

Maybe a bit over priced, but very good for protecting a Micro BR (I have one).

Boss Micro BR rubber case

A Zoom PFX

Zoom PFX 9003 on eBay

0 comments on “Symphony Pro for the iPad news”

Symphony Pro for the iPad news

Looks like we’ll be waiting a few more weeks for Symphony Pro on the iPad from this post.

2 comments on “HP not going to make smartphones”

HP not going to make smartphones

Brighthand has this post on HP confirming that they don’t want to use their purchase of webOS to make smartphones but for small web connected devices instead.

Do we see a tablet war coming?

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iPad Movie

Made with Voxel, Brushes and SilentFilms apps. Via Fingerpainted.

0 comments on “Dell Streak launching next month”

Dell Streak launching next month

Brighthand has the details. I wonder how long it will take for it to come to the UK?

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