Tonetable update

I’m sure that someone had mentioned this to me a while back and I never got around to covering it. Here’s what the app is all about:

Tonetable is an application for DJs who want to control their digital vinyl system from their iPhone or iPod Touch. It produces a control tone that is compatible with most digital vinyl systems such as Serato’s Scratch Live™, Native Instruments’ Traktor Scratch™, M-Audio’s Torq™, Image-Line’s Deckadance™ and many more.

Tonetable features a large scratching platter that allows you to scratch and throw the virtual vinyl similar to using a real turntable. To use Tonetable with your DJ software simply connect an audio cable from the line out of your iPhone or iPod Touch to your audio interface’s line in.


  • Scratch, throw and pitch bend.
  • Pitch slider capable of fine pitch control.
  • Configurable control tone (1 kHz – as used by Scratch Live™, 1.2 kHz – as used by Torq™ or 2 kHz as used by Traktor Scratch™).
  • 33 or 45 RPM modes.

What’s new

  • iPad compatibility
  • Customizable colours
  • Adjustable size and position of the scratching area
  • Pitch percentage is now displayed in the pitch slider
  • Improved responsiveness while scratching

Tonetable for iPhone and iPad at the app store:

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