MacRumors has more clips of Steve Jobs on D8 last night.

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  1. The distortion field is strong here…

    Didn't Steve Jobs met with many newspapers and publications imploring them to drop Flash to make sure their websites would work so he could sell the damn thing? And then didn't he started saying Flash would trash the battery and would crash all the time? Even saying pretty much every time a mac crashes its because of Flash? Did he ever documented the accelerated gpu api until a few months ago?…

    yeah.. then Adobe started trashing Apple in the press.

    Steve (and many other people) seems to forget that Flash has been the standard for web animation for what.. 10? 15 years? Its how it eventually got to be the best method to stream video. But at its heart its still about animation, so even when HTML5 will become the best way to stream video (in a few years) Flash will still be here and will still probably be a tool of choice for animators and games creators, whose work will simply not exist in Apple's world (just like satire is not allowed in the appstore). It will be like that until the day there will be another method to do smooth vector animations in a browser, and lets hope Apple doesn't hate that one too.


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