Useful Sonorasaurus Rex review

A useful review of Sonorasaurus Rex here.

Sonorasaurus at the app store:

Featured iPad Artist

Amazing to see some really good art works made using the iPad. I just wish I could do stuff like this. More at JustiPhoneArt.

Jasuto 1.2.2 for Android now available

1.2.2 is now available for Android users.

iDevices and Android:

  • Zoomable/slidable Scale module, basically lets you define scales and play them with a keyboard.
  • The sequencer supports odd loop lengths, independent rates (up to 64x the tempo!), and trigger resets now.
  • Transposing of sequencers now scale properly.
  • Fixed the .wav case sensitivity issue.
  • Fourier transform modules (FFT, iFFT, Band, Bands) for some spectral fun! Check out the new Spectral category which contains a Vocoder example!
  • Recording/Resampling now only listens to the selected Speaker modules, if nothing is selected then it records everything (just like the current default behavior).
  • Fixed a browser tabbing issue that would popup after saving a scene.
  • Much better sounding Noise module.
  • Sonoma AudioCopy/Paste 1.1.
  • Sequences/Motion now start on the initial note on loading.
  • Fixed a bunch of number editor bugs, and yes, you can now enter 0!
  • You can now disable motion smoothing on nodes when dragging them around in the scene. The option can be found in the Motion menu under Smooth.
  • Replaced the screensaver with something a little less arbitrary, a spectrogram!
  • Many other minor bugs that I don’t feel like writing about

Android specific:

  • Audio recording from the mic.
  • Help and About buttons now work.
  • Splash screen should display on all device now.

Bloom HD appears

An iPad only version of Bloom. The app’s description doesn’t really make me want to buy this app as I can’t see how different it is from the original iPhone app.

If anyone’s tried it and has a view then please let me know.

Bloom HD at the app store
Opal Limited

iSequence for iPad getting even more features

Some great new things coming to iSequence for the iPad, including:

  • mono/poly/glide keyboard
  • open sampler with ADSR envelope
  • x-fade looper (sample import/export)

I’ve just got a copy of this app and hope to play with it later today. It does look amazing on the iPad though.

iSequence at the app store:

Palm Sounds Big Birthday Competition is still going

I’ve decided to keep the competition going for another week or so. If you’ve got pictures you wanted to get you’ve still got time.

To enter, all you have to do is email in a picture of yourself making music somewhere strange. It could be high up, under the ground, in a jungle, but please, no pictures on the toilet!

The best picture (as judged by me) will get a copy of Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking which is a great book on circuit bending an electronic music making, and I will happily send it to the winner wherever they live in the world.

So send in your pictures as soon as you can this week. Each one sent in will get featured on the blog as well!

Welcome to June

Well, after an amazing month of May you might think that June will be a big let down. No way! Lots of good things to look forward to in June. Here’s a few things on the radar.

  • Updates to the app directory and some new categories
  • More promo code give aways
  • The Palm Sounds picture competition
And there’s lots of news to come up in June too, like WWDC. And if that wasn’t enough I’m sure there’ll be lots of app news to cover as well.
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