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The daily eBay

An SU10 package at eBay which looks very good and includes an SU10 case. I’m a sucker for a good case!

SU10 package at eBay

A ‘MEGA RARE VINTAGE PHILIPS PMC100 good working condition’. I know people seem to love or hate these but I thought someone might be interested in it.

Rare Philips PMC100 at eBay

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I Have Synth exclusive on Teenage Engineering OP-1

I Have Synth has a really good exclusive demo and interview with Teenage Engineering.

Every time I see the OP-1 I really want one, but the price is still a bit of a problem in my case.

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A few screens more …

I think I’ve posted most if not all of the screens that I’ve been sent in, but these had escaped my attention so far.

This one is from MountainStudio:

The next 2 are from Tyler aka BuildingTS

The next one is from Neptuno.

And the last one is from Cody

Thanks to everyone who has sent in their screen. It has been a lot of fun seeing what you all use.

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Michael testing his RJDJ screen

An entry for the competition for the most unusual place you’ve made mobile music from Michael Nervous.

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Toro Mini 1.1 on the way

Toro Mini 1.1 has been submitted to Apple. When it is approved the price will be going up to $2.99, so get it now if you haven’t already at the current price of $1.99.

As a reminder here’s what’s coming in the new version:

  • Low- and hi-pass filters
  • New oscillator wave
  • Recording Console with playback function and export through computer web browser
  • Totally rewritten keyboard handling allowing for slide and faster response
  • Slight redesign of the GUI with two new skins

Toro Mini at the app store:
TORO mini: Digital Synthesizer
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I don’t do anything to promote the blog, should !?

I saw this post at Matrixsynth and it made me think about whether or not I should do anything to promote Palm Sounds at all? In the last 4 years I haven’t really done a thing about promotion in any way and it has just grown organically.

Should I do some promotion? If I should, then what?

Really appreciate your views.

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It’s About Time (CreativeApplications)

This is a great round up of clock apps at the CreativeApplications blog. Well worth a look if you’re into iPhone clock apps.

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Delayed but done

I’ve been really busy this week with one thing and another so I’ve only just got the ThumbJam promo code give away out. Sorry about that. I will get on top of things soon I promise!

StudioTrack promo codes will be done next and then another give away coming soon!

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TrixMix 2 for iPad update

TrixMix has been updated and now has Logic Pro Support

TrixMix 2 for iPad at the app store:
Monotone Records

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Monster Mod

This is truly an insane Game Boy mod via TCTD.