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Looking Back … Moving Forward

To finish off my day I thought I’d post a link to this end of year piece I wrote on new year’s eve last year. It looks back at the last 4 years (less 2010 of course).

It makes for interesting reading about how mobile music has moved forward in the last few years.

Thanks to everyone who’s commented and twittered in birthday wishes, I really appreciate it.

Here’s to many more years of mobile music.

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The Mobile Music Alphabet: W is for …

W is for Wivi Band

Wivi band 15 in 1 is a totally amazing app. I love the idea of using breath control with an iPhone, and to use it to play a bunch of good sounding wind instruments is great.
Wivi Band? 15-in-1

W is for WavePad

WacePad was to be a multi-track audio editor for the Palm OS. I very much doubt we’ll ever see this, but the demo app is still on the miniMusic site, which is very much worth a look if you have a Palm device.
W is for WaveEditPro

Wave Edit Pro is a sample editing application for Palm OS. For a Palm OS app it is pretty amazing, but by today’s iPhone standards it is pretty old. I used to use this for field recording on Palm PDAs.

So there’s W, and good to get a couple of Palm apps in there too!
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Some eBay stuff you might find useful

A few bits and pieces that you might find handy from the bay today.

These have had a variety of responses in the paste, but at £0.99 as a starting point this one isn’t bad.

Pocket Music – Nintendo Game Boy Advance GBA DS Lite at eBay

Next a Yamaha MU5 for a not bad price.

Yamaha MU5 at eBay

A circuit bent VL-1. I know it is S-CAT, but still, the mods look nice.

Circuit Bent VL-1 at eBay

A rare VL-10, looks in fairly good condition too.

VL-10 at eBay

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Hey, I’m on Matrixsynth!

Or rather, my cake is on Matrixsynth!

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bC9 first look via Synthtopia

I know some of the feelings people have about Chimera, but I thought I’d post the video anyway. Via Synthtopia.

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More Cake!

Had to post a couple more cake pictures!

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Dell Streak looking very nice indeed

Might have to start saving those pennies very soon … The specs look really good. Details at Brighthand.

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PCB Business Card

Ok not really music related, but very mobile! I’d love to have a PCB business card but it would have be a synth built in. Having said that if it did have a synth I wouldn’t want to give it away!

Via Make.

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Pierre’s Digital Paintings

I’m amazed that these are done on an iPod Touch, they are superb. Shows what you can do with an iPod and a lot of talent! See more at Pierre’s blog.

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Stop Frame PDAs

A recent video, but I really enjoyed making it.